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Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

This well-balanced IPA is layered with multiple hop additions to achieve the desired citrus and tropical fruit characteristics.


quench your


A light lager with hints of lime from the use of new world hops, this lager goes down smooth. 

Limited Releases


Grab your lemons because the raspberry monster is loose.  This sour is loaded with raspberry tartness and complimented with lemon sour. The raspberry monster is very fresh and very REAL! 

 IBU 10  • 4% Alc./Vol 

Pathfinder badge.png

All paths lead to Riverhead.


In case you get lost and need to find a delicious IPA, always pack a Pathfinder to get you back on the right path. A super juiced IPA packed with Citra and Moteuka hops for a citrus and lime adventure.

 IBU 22  • 7.1% Alc./Vol 


 Our Cherry Apricot Sour uses loads of dark cherries and apricot puree. A full body sour using a hazy yeast strain and a special lacto blend to really bring out the fruit flavours with moderate tartness. 

We upped our sour game, now come play! 

IBU 10  • 4.1% Alc./Vol 


 “Portage” is the perfect name for our Extra Dry Rice Lager, as one hopes to be dry when carrying their canoe over land. 

Clean, crisp, and dry, with the use of Japanese Sorachi Ace hops gives the beer traditional rice lager characteristics. The amazing thing about this beer is how after you take a sip, your mouth feels like beer never touched your tongue. Better take another sip to make sure. 

IBU 17  • 4.6% Alc./Vol 


We took our original Mexican lager and turned it dark.  This lager is smooth, crisp, and light even though it is dark.  It is slightly more malty than the original, so skip the lime wedge and get lost in our Cerveza Dark Lager. 

IBU 15  • 4.5% Alc./Vol 


A Double IPA from another world.  Super juicy and hazy loaded with hops but unbelievably smooth at 8.51% and 51 IBU's (get the area 51 reference). 

Enjoy the outer limits.

IBU 51  • 8.51% Alc./Vol 


A rich dark complex beer that exhibits flavours of chocolate, caramelized sugar, with a hint of vanilla. The addition of lactose makes it smooth and creamy. Known for converting beer drinkers over to the dark side. 

IBU 26  • 5.2% Alc./Vol 


Hard Seltzer

Pink Grapefruit Seltzer Riverhead Brewing

We crafted a hard seltzer with an amazing pink grapefruit aroma (and we mean amazing) and balanced grapefruit flavour. At 4.5% ABV and gluten free, this hard seltzer will makes seltzer fans start to slow clap after their first sip and say "well done....well done".

MixedBerryicon (1).jpg

 Our Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer is 4.5% and Gluten Free. Using 100% fruit concentrate, we crafted a hard seltzer that is refreshing and crisp. Pick up some hard seltzer cans or stay and enjoy a glass. 


Citrusy and unbelievably refreshing,
we are excited to be releasing our
Lemon Lime Hard Seltzer.   


A perfect addition to our crushable lineup of beers and hard seltzers!

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