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Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

This well-balanced IPA is layered with multiple hop additions to achieve the desired citrus and tropical fruit characteristics.


quench your


A light lager with hints of lime from the use of new world hops, this lager goes down smooth. 

Limited Releases


Mmmmmm, Bumbleberry, fun to say, fun to drink.  A pinkish red sour using strawberry, raspberry and black currant purees. 


What fruit will you experience?

Aaron (strawberry) and Colin (raspberry) cannot agree.

 IBU 10  • 3.7% Alc./Vol 

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 The cascade hop is an O.G. to the craft beer industry and we love it. We have amped up our popular Cascade Pale Ale, by adding even more cascade hops to create our new Cascade IPA Loaded with classic West Coast flavour and aroma of grapefruit, this IPA will have you thinking of the refreshing air of the Cascade mountains. 

 IBU 10  • 5% Alc./Vol 

A beautiful amber that is so captivating you will find yourself starring at it like you would a campfire. This beer is very smooth and true to style with hints of caramel and low balanced bitterness.


Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy life, enjoy our Amber.

 IBU 20  • 5% Alc./Vol 


Come try Collin's Kellerbier, an unfiltered German lager. A refreshing style of German lager, "Kellerbier" translates to "cellar beer" lagered at cool temperatures.  This beer has an  amazing malt presence with hints of biscuit.


This beer will have you killing cans of Kellerbier.

IBU 21  • 4.7% Alc./Vol 


Hard Seltzer

We crafted a hard seltzer with an amazing pink grapefruit aroma (and we mean amazing) and balanced grapefruit flavour. At 4.5% ABV and gluten free, this hard seltzer will makes seltzer fans start to slow clap after their first sip and say "well done....well done".

 Our Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer is 4.5% and Gluten Free. Using 100% fruit concentrate, we crafted a hard seltzer that is refreshing and crisp. Pick up some hard seltzer cans or stay and enjoy a glass. 

Citrusy and unbelievably refreshing,
we are excited to be releasing our
Lemon Lime Hard Seltzer.   


A perfect addition to our crushable lineup of beers and hard seltzers!