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A D V E N T U R O U S L Y   B R E W E D !

Our craft is about the journey, not the destination.  

Whether you're hanging out with friends after a day on the water or just camping in your favourite spot, bring us with you and share in the adventure.


Riverhead is Independent Craft Brewery, owned and operated by locals. 

We brew and can all of our beers here on site.

We are a licensed Tied House which means we can serve full glasses of our brew as well as sell it out of our front beer store. Check out our menu!


Pull up a stool and watch the game.


Meet Riverhead founders and owners,

Jeff & Richard.

Richard has been home brewing for over 30 years. Jeff has been drinking Richards beer for over 15 years. That is until two years ago when these friends decided to be adventurous and open a full-scale brewery. 


Amanda is our Graphic Designer who makes us and the beer look good. She is a graduate of the St. Lawrence College Graphic Design program.

Amanda goes on frequent adventures into the past where she enjoys firing her black powder flintlock musket at Americans in 1775 & 1812.

Meet the team!


Come on down and meet Aaron Martin,

our award-winning Brewmaster!

A graduate of Niagara College's Brewing and Brewery Management program.

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